Alex is an experienced proofreader and copy-editor, having worked with a range of London publishers over the last decade, including Orion Books, Harper Collins, Games Workshop, Solaris, Jo Fletcher Books and many indy presses besides. As well as that, as a creative writing tutor and writing mentor Alex has worked with a wide range of individual writers and developed a strong sense of how to help authors to develop their work.

In the hugely competitive world of publishing, many writers are looking to get an edge by employing professional proofreaders and copy-editors or getting impartial feedback on their work. And those are just the things that AD Writer Services is here to offer – with one difference. We appreciate the importance of a good edit and a detailed proofread, but we also appreciate that writers are not huge businesses. As such, we offer affordable rates that are within reach of individuals at all levels of their writing careers.

We want to help writers achieve their dreams and to give them the best possible chance in the busy and thriving marketplace that is publishing. So whether you’re about to send your work to an agent, you’re looking to get it out there to an independent or you want a professional look over before self-publishing, AD Writer Services is here to help.

AD Writer services is also able to offer long-term mentoring services for authors, giving you a wide range of guidance on your writing, where to submit it and how to develop your writing career over time.

Just check out our detailed pages on all the services we offer and the great rates you can get on the array of support available to writers!